February 5 2010

Yo seriously what is up with Entourage these days? I was the biggest fan of that show when it came out. I love it when you can call a show like that. Everyone thought it was stupid, especially the first few episodes when they were still working on the rhythm. Everyone thought that show was just up hot girls and fantasy land. But then story picked up. Unfortunately that is no longer true. In my opinion the series has jumped the shark. It's hard for me to watch. Unfortunately I can't drop the show like I did with the Simpsons because I still care about the characters.

To replace Entourage I've started watching Mad Men. Already watched season 1 and 2. Wow that show is good. Not as many girls in bikinis lounging at the pool. But there's this girl. I've been looking at pics of Christina Hendricks. I'm not sure what it is about her. Normally I'm not into red-heads, and to be honest I think she would look a little bit better if she lost a few pounds (not a politically correct statement I know.) But dayuum! Christina should go to Entourage to help revive the show.